You have to write a finale and you want it to be dramatic, and I argued like “I don’t care!” I don’t care if it’s dramatic because all I care for is if it’s truthful, because I believe it’s the reason why people will stay with the show and will stay with the character. You could have the most dramatic thing happen, but if the audience doesn’t believe you or doesn’t care about your character, then there’s no sense in doing it. (x)

Reason #9855923 why I love Sandra Oh… She speaks the Truth

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Gladiators, Olivia Pope needs your help. 

Gladiators Against Violence is now online. Join us there for updates! 
Additionally, the link to the Change.Org petition telling ABC that we will not stand for the normalizing depiction of violence against women is  HERE

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but ya I’m with you, jake must be eliminated







Mellie does what Mellie does?!? Are you serious? Who’s writing this show? Bellamy!? Shondaindahonda last time I checked you wrote Scandal, change it if you don’t like it!

Can you say completely full of shit and baiting the fans? Yeah that woman is a piece of work. Her self issues are very very deep.

I have been seeing this all day, and I had to generally comment.

Yes, she writes the show. However, I do believe she tries to make it “real.” Of course, there are some aspects of the show that are completely unrealistic, but as a writer it’s important to stay true to your characters. I don’t think having Mellie call Olivia a whore is a reach or out of line. I don’t see how a woman calling another woman a whore for fucking her husband is so far from what would happen in real life. Being a writer doesn’t mean you like everything that comes out of your characters’ mouth, even if you wrote the lines yourself.

P.S. She’s also not the only writer on this show.

I think calling someone a whore for sleeping with your husband
after you pimped them out to your husband (and getting mad at them when they choose not to) actually is out of line, not to mention mentally unbalanced. (I guess that’s The Rape’s fault too.)

That was the biggest piece of bullshit, I’ve ever heard. Shonda should be ashamed of herself. If this was real life, Olivia would have cussed Mellie out a long time ago for that whore shit especially since Mellie was begging Olivia to come back to us.  Fuck Shonda and all her defenders. 

I mean I totally get how authors let their characters ‘do their thing’ or whatever, but w/ shonda that’s not what’s happening. She’s writing purely for shock now, and continues to let her personal shit dictate her writing




grey’s anatomy ships | cristina and burke.

"This I am sure, you are my partner, my lover, my very best friend, my heart, my heart beats for you. And on this day, the day of our wedding, I promise you this: I promise you to lay my heart in the palm of your hands, I promise you me.”

man, I was so into this relationship


Shonda has got some major

Parental issues that she clearly hasn’t dealt with.. Nearly all of her major characters have serious mommy and daddy problems.
Meredith-drunk absent father
Workaholic absent mother
Karev- physically abusive father
Ill mother who died
Fitz- overbearing, unsympathetic, adulterous, un approving father
Mother died
Olivia- overbearing, unsympathetic, strict, absent, un approving father
Mother died (to her knowledge)
Addison- workaholic, adulterous father
workaholic, adulterous, suicidal mother

…literally the list goes on

Im working on a theory that it seems obvious that she is continually retelling her own story, which is really sad but she’s an adult, she needs to get some help and work that shit out so that she can write unbiased and more creatively. It’s like she’s trying to give herself a happy ending through her characters, but can’t seem to do it, she’d rather wallow and feel sorry for herself. And I think this is one if the main factors in why she screws up everything she writes.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it but whatever